Xbmc 11 library not updating

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You can connect your kodi client from anywhere in the world to your Emby server and you will have your content, including watched states etc.In other words: when using Emby there's no need for a Mysql server, the Emby server with the emby addon is the solution for that.This is rather difficult because of new Perl versions and other things that might break functions of Max2Play.Thanks flysurfer Is there a difference between the "Update APT-GET Sources and APT-GET UPGRADE" function & the "Update Max2Play" option on the "Settings/Reboot" page under "Reboot / Update / Filesystem Settings"?How can I delete the entire database in XBMC so it can rebuild itself with the new correct location of the movie files? That will remove any items in the library that it can no longer find on the disk, then just rescan.I recently migrated my XBMC library from one server to another and just changed the locations in the database, but I was using My SQL, so I'm not sure how I would do the same thing in SQLite, which is the built-in database.

It does not Update other installed packages that belong to the underlying Ubuntu-System. I use it to play the movies I have copied from my DVD collection. I had to move the files to a different location on the server.Now when I try to play a movie I get an error stating the file does not exist.Now the JSON payload is correct, but I cannot tell about other parts like Kodi settings (you need to enable remote controlling of Kodi) or JSON-RPC endpoint address. Hi all, I am currently running ION Beta 5 and for some reason the library is not updating on start up. Please advise what logs are required and I will provide these ASAP.

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