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He attempted to image this functioning of the voice with a stroboscope but those efforts were not successful.

The stroboscopic technique works using light flashes as a result of which momentary images are obtained.

As a medical specialist, Schutte advised many classical singers and made use of this technique when doing that.

Workshops are great way to learn, in fact in some workshop you always learn more and retain better with hands on training.

U kan daarnaast ook altijd langskomen voor een vrijblijvend advies.

Wilt u een bepaald product eerst zien voordat u ...

Lab scientists haven’t approved some crazy theoretical equation for getting laid.

You cannot concoct a Romantic Connection, the gold standard for developing a lasting, meaningful, sexual relationship with a woman the way you follow a recipe, after which you pull a woman’s phone number out of the oven like it’s a batch of chocolate cookies.

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