Who is vienna girardi dating

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"My little angels went to Heaven on Aug 5th and I was rushed into the OR for emergency surgery and was in the ICU for 4 days." Girardi said she's been questioning why this happened and has been "laying in bed heartbroken" for several days as she deals with her grief.

Season 14 bachelor Jake Pavelka made one of the all-time most unpopular choices when he selected Vienna Girardi. After a stint on "Dancing With the Stars," Pavelka briefly appeared on the soap "The Bold and the Beautiful." Girardi told Radar Online in 2013 that she was "single and really focusing on myself and my career." In August 2017 she announced that she miscarried of twin daughters.

alum Vienna Girardi revealed Sunday that she lost her twin daughters.The reality personality, Vienna shared a heartbreaking news of losing her twin girls in an emotional Facebook post, where she wrote that her daughters went to heaven on 5th of August and called it the hardest thing she has ever had to write.The 31-years-aged Vienna explained that the miscarriage of the twins occurred at the 18th week but before the miscarriage, doctors diagnosed the pregnancy with the twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome.then took a detour at Vienna Girardi's nose job -- before ending up in a transsexual stripper chat!? READ MORE TMZ has finally unearthed the answer to one of life's greatest mysteries -- who the hell is former "Bachelor" babe Vienna Girardi dating now?As we first reported, Vienna and the new guy got an…

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