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Because now that pining has progressed past reason and has just become about itself, like all long-standing crushes.

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As previously reported, a source told Us in February that the “Hotline Bling” rapper, 30, and Lopez’s romance had “died down a bit” after two months together.In this scenario, Lopez's eternal fame has made her into someone who has graduated Fame High School, gone to Fame College, and returned to Fameville, her hometown. But, like with all high school tricks, the boy inevitably wakes up to the cruel light of reality when the older woman goes on national television and tells the world that she's not dating him. (This is my analogy, and if you don't like it, the "X" is right up there in the top right.) So Drake convinces this older woman to fake-date him while they work on music together. I wouldn't recommend it, though the experience was certainly memorable.)The entire Drake-and-J. The boy finally gets the girl (Rihanna) he's been lusting after for years.Then, the girl realizes that they are just not a good fit, even though the boy has publicly pined for her.

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