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She has 31.7 thousand followers in Twitter and this proves her stardom in the site.

, announced in 2007 that she was pregnant with the athlete's child less than three months into his relationship with the supermodel.

It's frightening." Much to Moynahan's surprise, it's been pretty much smooth sailing since.

Eight months later, poolside at a Santa Monica hotel, Moynahan is showing off pictures of Jack, as she now calls him.

She was born in the year 1971 on 28th of April and this makes her age 43 at this moment.

She is none other than the very beautiful Bridget Moynahan.

Dressed casually in a T-shirt and jeans, she lights up when talking about Jack: "Don't you want to just eat him up? As of press time, they included clapping, crawling, and standing up.

"Every time he does something, you think he's a genius." She pauses and deadpans, "He's totally a genius." Moynahan never imagined that she'd wind up a yummy mummy without a hubby.

It's no shock that with her genes (and those of his father, the 30-year-old NFL quarterback Tom Brady), Jack's simply adorable.

"There's my little man," Moynahan says, nuzzling the screen of her Black Berry. "I have become that mother I used to dread," Moynahan admits, shamelessly enumerating the things that Jack has been doing lately.

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