Vpn clients not updating dns

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When looking for documentation this thread on the DD-WRT forums gave me the idea that it should in fact be easier than most documentation states. These are the catches that added complication to the configuration: Below are steps to get things working as per my setup.The details really aren’t critical as long as they match within your config and between your server and clients.The original purpose of the Internet (Arpanet as it was) was to enable computer systems at different locations around the world to communicate with each other.

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Every device on the Internet, whether it's your own PC or a huge web service like Google has an IP address.

This type of connection relies on an IPsec VPN appliance (hardware device or soft appliance), which must be deployed at the edge of your network.

To create this type of connection, you must have an externally facing IPv4 address that is not behind a NAT.

See the Multi-Site and VNet-to-VNet Connectivity FAQ section.

One virtual network can connect to another virtual network in the same region, or in a different Azure region. You can connect to multiple sites by using Windows Power Shell and the Azure REST APIs.

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