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This two-part mini-series premieres Wednesdays May 3 & 10 on PBS at 8-9pm ET. takes an in-depth look into the secret lives of a variety of dolphins as the specially designed “spycams” often interact and engage the curiosity of their subjects and film examples of their intelligence, communication, and relationships. Those remote-controlled robotic cameras return to infiltrate the world of dolphins around the globe and capture behavior that has never been filmed before. Thirteen animatronic spy cameras were designed to do the job including Spy Dolphin, Spy Turtle, Spy Squid, Spy Nautilus, Spy Baby Dolphin, Spy Tuna, Spy Ray, and Spy Puffer. (In the case of Spy Tuna, the camera is its mouth.) In addition to this surveillance team, a real bottlenose dolphin is used in Caribbean waters as a “double agent.” This tame dolphin, carrying tiny cameras on its back and sides, has free rein to explore the ocean and return when he’s ready with a recording of his adventures.Spy Squid even discovers that dolphins rub against coral heads to help shed off old skin and replace their outer layer once every three hours.Spy Dolphin documents the inventive fishing techniques of the bottlenose in the shallow waters of the Florida Keys.

Meanwhile, Spy Tuna follows spinner dolphins to show how they perform their unusual corkscrew leaps, stream bubbles from their blowholes as they whistle out their names, and combine with other superpods to form an incredible megapod made up of over 3,000 dolphins.The laptop, it turned out, had been stolen before she bought it, and it came equipped with a Remote Access Tool, or RAT.RATs are software that allow a third party to spy on a computer user from afar, whether rifling through messages and browsing activity, photographing the computer screen, or in many cases hijacking the webcam and taking photographs of whomever is on the other side.One camera in Yarraville will be upgraded and moved from Francis Street and Williamstown Road to Francis Street and Wembley Avenue to cover a main crossing for children at nearby Wembley Primary School.Mr Noonan said the digital upgrade had been recommended by Victoria's road safety camera commissioner Gordon Lewis."It's absolutely dicing with death to run red lights, to be speeding.

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