Updating the windows update agent updating firmware on airport express

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Those instructions note that this is not a permanent fix for the slow Windows Updates, and the above list of Win32updates is only valid until the December 2016 Patch Tuesday updates are released on 13-Dec-2016. Your son's laptop only has 2 GB of RAM and the Vista OS is likely several years out-of-date, so I would expect the manual Windows Update (STEP # 6 of the instructions) to take a minimum of 9 hours.

I downloaded/installed those, rebooted, and checked WU again. It found another 27 optional updates so I downloaded/installed those as well. Hi empty_pockets: Glad to hear Windows Update was able to install your missing updates.

You can run the tools listed below in Safe Mode with Networking, although they might then tell you that problems were not fixed.

) will tell the WU Automatic Update Client (wuaclt.exe) to 'detectnow', download and install missing windows updates as compared to it's update server. You can force a client to restart after the updates have been applied (if a reboot is pending, or if you plain just want to restart for the heck of it).

The script is highly configurable, and should fit most applications where users/admins need to force a download and installation of approved updates.

The bad news is that this WUA has not been updated by Microsoft since June 2012, and this outdated WUA appears to be one of the main causes of the slow Windows Updates.

I would suggest you let Windows Update run overnight once all your missing Win32speed up patches are installed to see if the initial " Just FYI, the latest Windows Update Agent (WUA) for Vista SP2 (C:\Windows\system32\wuaueng.dll) is v7.6.7600.256.

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