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You use an append query when you need to add new records to an existing table by using data from other sources.If you need to change data in an existing set of records, such as updating the value of a field, you can use an update query.There are multiple ways to use the UPDATE statement to update a SQL Server table.In this article I will show you the most common methods of using the UPDATE statement.In order to update a row in a SQL Server table you will use the UDPATE statement.In this article I will show you a number of different ways to use the UPDATE statement to modify the data in your SQL Server tables.

That information, along with your comments, will be governed by DISQUS’ privacy policy.In this scenario, accounting only sent me two records, but in the real life situation I ran into, it was over 10,000 records.Also, this scenario's master table has only 5 records; my real master table has close to 1,000,000 records.Finally, I came up with a solution that works very efficiently, even with my large 1,000,000-record table.-- Best practice update ( select m.invoice_amount, a.updated_invoice_amount from master_table m, data_from_accounting a where m.job_number=a.job_number ) set m.invoice_amount=a.updated_invoice_amount; Note that the job number field in both tables in this example scenario are both primary keys.

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