Twisted miss dating

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”Female's interpretation: “He could've sent me a Facebook message for all I care because I AM GOING ON A DATE!”Male's interpretation: “Since I'm going to have to appear like a good-mannered man later tonight, where is the nearest Chipotle? Submitted by caitlins43ea9ae84 I actually catfished someone, but this was 15 years ago before it was a phenomenon.As catfish stories go, things got intense fast, there was talk of him visiting, so naturally, I did something dramatic.

Then we incorporate these experiences as fact and think it they're true about everything and everyone else.

Male's interpretation: “Hm, can I get away with just drinks? ”Male's interpretation: “If I call, that'll really make me look like a stand-up guy…

Nah, I probably should just splurge on dinner…”Female's interpretation: “OMG! or a creep because who the hell uses a phone to call people these days?

Derek Jeter is no slouch when it comes to dating Hollywood's sexiest stars, and he's been a big hit with the ladies since his 1996 Rookie of the Year baseball season.

Since then he's been spotted with some of the most beautiful women alive - most of whom rank high up on all the yearly lists, like Maxim's "Hot 100" or the Ask Men Top 99.

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