Tips for dating a rockstar

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” Me: “I do a little bit of both man” Rocker: “Cool man. ” Rocker: “Yeah Pier 39” Me: “That’s fucking far man” Rocker: “Yeah but it’s the only job that’s paying me right now.

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And if he seems a bit too generous, show some class and decline a gift once in awhile.

When your partner looks visibly older than you, people might get a little nasty.

Courtney Croft, a 26-year-old Nashville-based anthropologist married to a 40-year-old man, explained that while she and her partner didn't encounter too many problems in their personal lives, other people didn't always react well to their relationship."Most of the issues stemmed from other people's initial negative reactions of us being together. I had some people flat out say it was gross that I was with someone so much older," Croft said.

These tips for dating wealthy men aren’t superficial – they’re about increasing your self-confidence and cultivating your independence as a woman. “You can fall in love with a rich man as easily as a poor man.” – Unknown.

“Like with anything in life, there are specific steps you can take to boost your self-esteem and walk comfortably in the world of wealth and power,” says author and dating expert Veronica Monet. — she worked as an expensive escort for almost 15 years (and charged ,500 an hour! In her intimate, funny, no-holds-barred book she shares both anecdotes and secrets from being an escort.

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