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Could be a family matter, femme matter, or just some "girl talk".Ch AT-Ch R2-YFP BAC transgenic mice may be useful in optogenetic studies for rapid control of motor behavior by addition or removal of light, for ex vivo and in vivo studies of neural circuitry/connectivity following illumination, for fluorescent labeling of cholinergic neuronal populations, or for studying the consequences of overactive cholinergic signaling in information processing, memory, behavior and physical fitness.

I think you'll find a TG chat room to be one of the friendliest places you could ever visit.

It is a term that we use here so that others who are looking for t-girls live online can more easily find them, as I believe that most people who are searching for transgender entertainment are not aware of the “proper terminology” as it may be used within the LGBT community.

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Ch AT-mh Ch R2-YFP mice derived from founder line 5 (Ch AT-Ch R2-YFP line 5) exhibit moderate EYFP expression in striatum, trochlear nucleus, medial habenula, interpeduncular nucleus and various brainstem motor neuron nuclei. The Ch AT-mh Ch R2-YFP transgene (or Ch AT-Ch R2-YFP BAC transgene) was designed in the laboratory of Dr.

Because the vesicular acetylcholine transporter gene (Slc18a3 or VACh T) within the Chat locus on the BAC transgene was not disrupted, Ch AT-mh Ch R2-YFP BAC transgenic mice also have increased VACh T expression in hippocampus and brainstem.

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