Taurus man dating a scorpio woman

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They each share a deep level of commitment, loyalty and desire for security with a lover.

Each will appreciate these traits in the other and it will help in making their relationship work.

This is a summarized picture, a real compatibility reading is needed to judge a real relationship.

It's important to note however that individual relationships vary enormously.

It’s clear from the outset that Scorpio man Taurus woman compatibility has this initial hurdle to overcome. The Scorpio man is an intense, emotional man who has quite an enigmatic aura about him.

This is attractive to the Taurus woman because she is seeking a man who takes life seriously; she instinctively knows that the Scorpio man isn’t going to do anything foolish.

You'll probably come to admire and appreciate your their intensity and passion.

You'll soon also come to appreciate your Scorpios gift for being intuitive – this is a person who sometimes borders on the psychic when it comes to knowing things they shouldn't!

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