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You can think of a view as a lens looking at one or more tables.A view is really nothing more than a logical representation of one or more tables in a database.The broken views problem is something I discovered when working on a production system. When I dug deeper into it I was even more shocked at the pure evilness this behaviour could cause.But let’s take it from the start with a simple table of colours and a view on top of it to start with.Scripting out the existing definition of a view and rerunning it should be safe. Msg 4922, Level 16, State 9, Line 3 ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN Colour Name failed because one or more objects access this column. The schemabound view is protected from breaking changes of the underlying table regardless of what client tool is used.

These logs exist in all the recent releases of SQL Server; with SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2008 R2, you can use registered servers to view SQL Server log files.

Sometimes coming up with a short descriptive name for your view is easier said than done. You can also see that we have take the birth date column and calculated age.

The example below shows all of the code from the view.

statement can be accomplished in one of two ways, primarily depending upon which version of SQL Server you are using.

We’ll briefly explore both options so you can find what works best for you.

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