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Why, oh why, did you convince me to get on Soul Swipe again?! And though Soul Swipe touts itself as a black dating app, there are white and Asian men who still shamelessly join the app because they are interested in making a little I have big a** fingers so how in the hell does Soul Swipe expect me to woo my matches with my poetic writing IF IT’S ALL LACED WITH A SH*TLOAD OF TYPOS BECAUSE SOUL SWIPE DOESN’T ALLOW THE KEYBOARD TO SWITCH TO LANDSCAPE. I Really, Really Want to Sign-In with Facebook Dating apps are treated like the online porn industry.It’s widely used, but NO ONE WANTS THEIR FB FRIENDS TO KNOW THAT THEY’RE ON IT.God bless the simple sap who selects the #nofilter photo of himself amid the fluorescent lights at work.

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Let’s suppose you lock eyes with an average of a few dozen new strangers each day.

Soul Swipe forces you to sign in with Facebook, there is no other option.

Yes, it’s true that Soul Swipe won’t post on your FB timeline, but it STILL freaks me out!

Although men can sign up for it, the app is exclusive to women.

Guys who try to match with Simove are greeted with a brief message about Simove’s heterosexuality.

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