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Some 350,000 Somalis died as a result of war, starvation and disease the following year.

Since then, ongoing conflict and recurrent flooding and drought have left Somalia among the world's least developed countries.

The indictment lists incidents involving four victims, but says "other minor children" were involved. The indictment says the ring involved three Minneapolis-based gangs - the Somali Outlaws, the Somali Mafia and the Lady Outlaws - and that the three are connected.

The men and women charged were either gang members or associates of the gangs, the indictment said. The indictment said the sex-trafficking ring operated for 10 years, with the defendants recruiting young girls to engage in sex acts.

To collect information, the PESS selected a representative sample of clusters through a one-stage stratified-cluster sample design.

These clusters formed the primary sampling units (PSUs), which were referred to as enumeration areas (EAs) in urban areas, settlements in rural areas, camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs), and water points for nomadic populations.

There has been only one successful census in Somalia, in 1975.

The 1986 census remained incomplete, and its results were never published.

Somalia, located in the Horn of Africa, has spent decades in the grip of violent conflict.

15— A Somali woman who was beaten by a mob on Monday after riding in a jeep with French soldiers is in jail on charges of prostitution, the security force of one Somali faction said today. Mohammed Farah Aidid, identified the woman as Leila Haji Sadiq, 22 years old.

He said she would face trial before a religious court. The woman was kicked and beaten on the face with fists and sticks for about 15 minutes Monday in clear view of French and United States forces, who did not intervene. Michel Touron, commander of French troops here, denied his soldiers had paid the woman for sex.

Millions of people are displaced from their homes and face extreme poverty and malnutrition.

Thousands of other Somalis remain in the Dadaab refugee camp in neighboring Kenya.

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