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The News Journal will not identify her to protect the victim's identify.

The sexual conduct occurred between June 1 and Oct. The victim was "enrolled in or attends" Devlin's school, but the indictment did not specify whether she taught the student directly.

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The school's Executive Director Debora Franklin previously said Devlin had been a third-grade teacher for the Interactive Media and Construction school since September 2014.Along with projectile points common for this period, archaeologists in Williamson County have uncovered a 12,000-year-old mastodon skeleton with cut marks typical of prehistoric hunters. 8000 – 1000 BC) site in Tennessee is the Icehouse Bottom site located just south of Fort Loudoun in Monroe County.Excavations at Icehouse Bottom in the early 1970s uncovered evidence of human habitation dating to as early as 7,500 BC.That is according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, published Thursday, that takes a close look at the homicides of women. The Shelter Institutes will be a two day training for advocates, which will address three branches of shelter operation, culture, services, and policies, offering trauma-informed implementation tools for each.The Institutes will be highly practical in nature, focusing on the implementation of best practice standards rather than the theoretical framework of trauma-informed care.

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