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Radar Online — While the details of their secret split remain unclear, Latifah and her busty ex-girlfriend, who was once in the Los Angeles Laker Girls dance troupe, have not been seen together since Oct.23, when they were photographed on vacation in Brazil.Queen Latifah has been spotted with a exotic woman by her side recently, some people suggested she is her new girlfriend?Some said it is Jeanette Jenkins, other said Latifah’s new lady is a Jada Pinkett Smith look a-like? I think that yes she sort of looks like Jada, no she is not Jeanette Jenkins, this new girl is way taller than Jenkins and neither she is Eboni Nichols, so the question is who the heck is she and is she dating Latifah or is she some kind or a female bodyguard, I mean she could be. There are so many options from walking, running, cycling, hiking, dance classes, yoga, home workouts like my Cardio Kickboxing or Sexy Abs Cardio Sculpt with Kelly Rowland.

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And even though Queen began seeing choreographer Eboni Nichols shortly after, insiders tell Star that Jeanette misses her ex so Pink is trying to help.

Media mogul Queen Latifah and her ex-girlfriend, fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins reunited on Latifah’s talk show.

The ladies discussed Queen Latifah’s six week “Get Healthy Challenge” and Jenkins gave her audience tips on eating healthy.

check their pics And these new ones were taken when Latifah and her rumored girlfriend arrived at the Late Show With David Letterman in NY.

There's nothing like sharing a holiday with a close friend.

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