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Its economy is based largely on the energy from the soil, thus being sustainable in principle.But erosion of the land and nutrient runoff from livestock farming is its main problem. New Zealand is a young country, only just over 150 years old.I’m fascinated by those rare people in history who manage to dramatically change the world during their short time here, and I’ve always liked to study those people and read their biographies.Those people know something the rest of us don’t, and we can learn something valuable from them.

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Farmers are adopting a voluntary code of practice for handling and applying fertilisers. Agresearch: the life sciences link between the past of pioneering and the better future where our products will improve the quality of life and the environment around the world in a responsible and sustainable way. Landcare Research: Landcare Research is an independent Crown Research Institute which focuses on management of land resources for conservation and for primary production. At that time, about 2000 white men (pakeha) lived in NZ, but its population rose steadily to reach 3.8 million in 1999 (2 million in 1950).

Such sunken lands, along with vanished land bridges, were frequently invoked in the late 1800s to explain sediment sources apparently present in the ocean and to account for floral and faunal connections between continents.

These explanations remained popular until the 1950s and stimulated belief in the ancient submerged continent of postulated that the arcuate mountain belts of Asia and Europe resulted from the creep of the continents toward the Equator.

His analysis of tectonic features foreshadowed in many ways modern thought regarding plate collisions.

of the Atlantic coastlines, explicitly presented the concept of continental drift.

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