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[YOUTUBE] Title: The Creepypasta Wiki Reacts to a Bomb Threat. I feel if they play their cards right it could be pulled off in a newer generation. - Neve Rs Lee Pwit Hme has joined Special: Chat The Smoothest Motherfucker - A Devincooper64 Story -! - Goku VS Superman - Duration: - Uploaded: 2013-01-19 - Rating: 3.523230 - Views: 11,077,943 - A Nobody does. he might have made some bad decisions George Bush put on his big boy pants and attacked mother fucking Iraq like two years.

- Duration: - Uploaded: 2013-07-15 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 80 - Hr ZCDtb A -! I'm trying to have a Netflix session at one of our houses next weekend. - Brooke Battles Against has joined Special: Chat -! They didn't do anything, but sometimes you just got to beat a mother fucker.

Reynolds, these men were all the smartest scientists on the planet. I sat down but due to My awareness and memory of those videos I couldn't eat for obvious reasons." This made me smile. Wal of text, these lines follow the last ones I posted: " I went on shaking and crying for 2 solid months before I snapped."Mom you have to tell me, where did you get that computer" My mom teared up a little bit, "We just wanted to make you happy son" She ran up to her room and shut the door. Except Some certain letters, the letters were written on the buttons with what looked like white out, they were, A, S, N, F, I, R, N, I, S, C, O,. I'm going to watch a documentary later about Indonesian paramilitary members who basically committed genocide, are completely unrepentant, are lauded as heroes and want to make a movie about their exploits. maybe the government should stop thinking they're super cool." I mean, the shit they did is horrific. - Guitar Rock has joined Special: Chat [YOUTUBE] Title: song of healing(voice by me) - Duration: - Uploaded: 2012-02-04 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 59 - TZSDZrm61I -! " and your mom said "Well I bend over backwards for you so why not literally?

I didn't see her for a solid 24 hours." No one knows what I look like, except Pram and Fatal "I was still really happy to have my own Personal Computer. Somehow, that's only just barely more disgusting than that DBZ fic. You would think that 40 to 50 years later, someone would go, "Hey, these guys tortured and murdered a ton of people. i know silver, primo, wolfen, bug, devin, gingy, i think mono, shawn, james, cal, paladin a bit, grim, necro, skelly, jane a bit, moose a bit too, irish, guy a bit, jamally a bit, and specially 414 ^_^ i know they are friends Do you people get many trolls visiting? " And then you just stared at each other for like 10 minutes Is it really hard to believe that there are people that don't feel the need to act like a fucktard around others and have a proper discussion.

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