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He was 183cm tall, clean shaven with an athletic build and long face, and was wearing grey jeans and a pink hooded jacket.A second cab was stopped at the corner of Elizabeth and Kippax Street in Surry Hills, just before 2.30am that same morning.Born to a Professional Male Boxer and an artist, I was a gymnast (National flying Rings champion) viewing art for inspiration and a good (UFC) fight and Basketball game (Lakers fan) now and then, it teaches one the art of self defense and team support. A., Kodak, Pompidou, Eastman CAREERS: Teaching; photography, flying rings, sport Judo, Motard urban motorcycling ADVISES: Stay focused, maintain well being, coexist with others, avoid depression, stay busy, be educated, reorganize, renovate, replenish, stay alive, "we are all needed! Franco Colombo, Larry Scott, (female) Corey Iverson, Bev Frances HEALTH WEBSITES: Mercola.SWAP MEETS: TRW Parking lot (Computer & Eletronics)-Last Sat.Raised in my mid-teens, as a youth, I lived in a children's home in West LA (after leaving home and being retrieved at age 14) I have nomadic aspirations in my heart, yet, I enjoy the privileges and assets of domesticity. "QUOTES: "To err is human, to really mess up use a computer", "4 sure" "Doin a what comes naturally", "Can't we all just get along" King BOOKS: Photoshop CS 3, Art of Living, HTML for Dummies, Art, Interpretation of dreams, Psychic sciences, Touched with Fire, Unquiet Mind, Book Of Lists, Zen and the art of M M, Almanac, North Beach, 90291, Into The Wild DICTIONARIES: slang, rhyming, thesaurus, Google, cultural literacy etc. morn of each month at 7am, Long Beach; autoparts & custom car show-2nd Sunday morn. for me an actor or actress always trying their best to each of their works ... KRW , for me you are still much to be improved in your acting , I can still see the scene which can be developed and become better or scenes that are not necessary..all the works you all just good. Kim Rae Won , you are one of the best actor i saw in my life . Because of his new drama doctors i must say he truly a versatile actor and one of the greateast. he delivers perfectly whatever role he plays that I've seen him even from way back then - never failed to connect and adopt .. And am a doctor myself..i must say the team doesnt provide a single chance to question on d subjct even...everything is so beautifully and realistically portrayed..our serials generally not much is focussed on reality or subject!! He actually has this sinister smile where only one side of his mouth will "smile" - which i take it to be due to his gradually frozen facial features due to his advancing cancer. He deserves sincere praise and all his fans are certain to be looking forward to his next performance with anticipation. He is handsome and the characters that he represents are so powerful. I have seen about 4 of his dramas and 2 of his movies. I'll be patiently waiting for your next drama..of love! like the very natural acting skills of Kim Rae Won... I quit watching Korean dramas and movies for more than 7 years since it is very addictive but I m happy that I have started watching it again. From a cute handsome tall guy to a cool, mature, amazingly good looking person.. i hope he portrayed more bright character like from "doctors" "my little bride" and "...ing" I am not a fan of the actor or actress anyone ... The couple has a great chemistry and the way they act..itz so realistic!! KIM RAE WON AND PARK SHIN HYE..your drama tops the ratings and it wuld turn out to be a succesful show!! Read that you will be teaming up with Park Shin Hye in the upcoming Kdrama "Doctors" in June 2016. He did everything very well - neither over-acting nor being too wooden. His work so far has been exciting and varied, showing a willingness to take risks and push boundaries. You are my favorite and most love Korean actor..I wish to see you in person!A man entered the vehicle, and after driving a short distance, he asked the driver to stop on Uther Street, Surry Hills, where he then threatened the 46-year-old driver and demanded cash, police say.

still searching for more series by Kim Rae Won Hi.. Recently I watched your drama " doctor" and I immediately fall in love with you. i've seen "my little bride" waaay back then but i didn't recognize him. Its just 10episodes and i think kim rae won already tops my fav list even surpassing joongki and leeminho!! ..hopefully, he will have more movies in the future... You delivered every scene so well especially in the surgery and your amazing chemistry with PSH. You and PSH have such an amaźing chemistry, infact she has the best chemistry with you compared to all her co-stars. I really hope your friendship with PSH will continue to grow and perhaps you her in real life. watched the episodes of your new drama "doctors" thrice already...i am getting obsessed with th drama..every thing about this drama -story,cast,lead pair chemistry is bang on.. I have been a fan of yours for MANY years and am so thankful to be able to watch you in your new drama, Doctors. Like both of your charismatic personalities as well as enthusiastic, confident and unique performances. In "Which Star Are You From," I really love you, really like, especially in the "My Little Bride." I love you there !! I hope you get a good scenario, I'm waiting for your latest drama ! he has to portray many aspects such as the doting father, disillusioned husband, cunning prosecutor, corrupt and ruthless henchman, filial son and protective brother.Sun and Sky Wallpapers - Download Free Warmth of Summer, Maui, Hawaii Wallpapers, Warmth of Summer, Maui, Hawaii Photos, Warmth of Summer, Maui, Hawaii Pictures and Warmth of Summer, Maui, Hawaii Backgrounds Lately, I’ve been doing everything in my power to use up my garden vegetables.Over the past week I’ve been enjoying Roasted Tomato Basil Pesto, Long Weekend Grilled Salad, Kale Chips, cucumbers and hummus, Weekend Glow Kale Salad, and Chocolate The following creative photos are created by photographer from Russia Olga Zavershinskaya aka Armene. High quality ink jet printing captures the vibrant natural hue of these picture-perfect berries. Size: Dimensions: 0.95m (wide) x 2.1m (high) approximately.Large wall décor, perfect for the kitchen, dining room, or breakfast nook, offered at an affordable price. Art quality canvas stretched over a sturdy wood frame. Trees across the Unites States are beginning to turn brilliant hues, heralding the arrival of fall. Snapshot : Chanel Iman for Vogue Germany Snapshot: Ajak Deng for Vogue Gioiello September / October 2010 Snapshot: Sessilee Lopez by Gail Hadani Snapshot: Grace Mahary and Angela Page by Gabor Jurina for Fashion Magazine February 2013I’ve always been fascinated by black lights, the beauty of the human body, the world around me and the ability to create and express myself through art.

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