No luck with online dating

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I was frustrated with the amount of useless dating advice I was getting from various sources.

Amanda is realistic and does not give you unnecessary information.

Of the 8 or so guys I went out with in the past year, 3 have turned in to something that lasted 2-5 months or are currently ongoing. Anybody that seemed like too much work, ambivalent, had too many options, etc were discarded. You’re not exactly missing out on your great true love if they don’t reply.

One guy showed me a woman’s profile and she was absolutely stunning.

Society tells them they’re beautiful and they’re mad at Tinder and Ok Cupid for not providing better prospects. I’m the average-looking sidekick, “the one who online dates,” and it’s my fault they aren’t having a better time.“You have no idea what it’s like to be called beautiful all the time,” a good friend once remarked.Went to the bar, lots of bimbos looking to get free drinks. Girls in my office, i work at a huge company, lots of diversity and lots of girls - i feel weird in this territory though and care too much about my job to flirt with coworkers..maybe i should.You can't even hear them talk because of the loud music. i try to get up from the cube and just walk around sometimes and see if i see someone in the hall... When I was actively using OK Cupid for dating purposes, I’d post a profile and get about 50 emails in the first 3-5 days. Of those emails, at least 40% of them were from men that were 10 years above or below my age range. And then once I hit the one month mark I’d get maybe 3 emails a week for a couple weeks, even when I’d update my profile.

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