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Theme STUD Megan Ballinger fights for the hall during a soccer match. The school year began with the stu- dents trying to get their schedule worked out so that they were taking the classes that they had signed up to take. RECOR D WON 7 LOST 3 1 Tamika Drake and Tina Peric waiting for the serve. After that they had to figure how to get from class to class by the appropriate route so that lockers could be visited and friends could be met in the allotted time between classes. Row two: Kevin Banks, Howard Westerfield, Jason Watkins, Will Buchannon, Terrance Moore, Antoine Fisher, Al Simpson, Fred Bush. RECORD WON 7 LOST LEAGUE FINISH 1st LOTS OF ACTION SUPER SEASON Football 59 The junior varsity football team did not have as good a season as the varsity. They lacked a lot of depth and found it hard to score in many games. They won most of their games with overwhelming scores. RECORD WON 5 LOST TIE 1 Above: Mil RD WON 12 LOST 4 1 G. Maria Williams, Chrissy Kovacevich and Amber Cogley getting ready to make their plays at the net.

Older verdicts and reccomendations, and responses to recommendations are available by request by e-mailing [email protected] calling 1-877-991-9959. Struggle and restraint (chest compression, prone positioning, handcuffing) as well as agitation and trauma (pain) in a man with a KCNJ2 mutation with acute alcohol withdrawal/delirium tremens. Theme ubbxb I When Cedric Carstarphen got hit and had to come out of the game in pain, he had questions about whether or not he could play again. After a few minutes rest, though, he was able to get back into the game. More than 200 faculty members from a variety of disciplines are represented in IHPME.At least 130 senior health care executives serve as adjunct faculty. Web: [email protected]: (416) 978-4326 Fax: (416) 978-7350 Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation University of Toronto 4th Floor, 155 College Street Toronto, Ontario M5T 3M6 Canada The HPME graduate program offers two concentrations leading to the Ph D in Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research; and Health Services Research.

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