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Full Definition: The BHRR metaphor can be found in many different areas of game theory and psychology.

It was officially coined by Mystery in The Venusian Arts Handbook.

Consequently it is relatively pricey for the content you get.

There are better products that describe Mystery's approach to pick-up now in the market from Venusian Arts (Revelation, Revelation: The Vault DVD Set ).

We look at the only scientific review or study that has been carried out on any type of dating method, system or technique.

The study, named "The Dating Mind" was published in 2012 in the Evolutionary Psychology Journal.

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This is the earliest original footage of some of Mystery's seminars, and is the only footage where he himself describes some of the more detailed and basic tools and techniques of his method (In later products, his associates Matador and Lovedrop take over this task).

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