Intimidating strike dampd

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They tweeted facts: simple, pithy, ironic, thoughtful facts, as the rebel voice spread from park to park across the US.

It made headlines– in no small part because, honestly, who would have expected those nice, earnest, hard-working folks in Ranger Jim hats to be so damn full of piss and vinegar.

Many years ago, as I was travelling in Italy for the first time, my Canadian friend and I arrived at a youth hostel on a cold and blustery day.

The sign on the door said it would be open at ; it was now and still locked up. A few other Canadian travellers came along, looked at the sign on the door, grumbled, and joined us, huddled against the autumn wind. until a single American traveller came along, looked at the sign, banged on the door, gave the proprietor hell and got the place opened up. I had all but forgotten that anecdote until last week.

In most enterprises non-unionists stopped solidly alongside unionists.Sometimes these challenges can be both inspiring and intimidating.Pete Carroll, the American Football coach, described how he looked forward to competing against tough opponents.What is your strongest memory of your childhood home? My brother and I would have pitched battles picking up the fruit from the ground and throwing it at each other. They look great, remind you of your friends and cover the kids' crayon marks on the wall. Is that the process by which green things turn brown in your yard through neglect and ignorance? Having grown up in the country I miss the bush a lot but I'd love to live close to the water.At night the tree would fill with possums that kept me up with their own pitched battles. The large number of "Danger" and "Do not walk here" signs set up for the inspection. The idea of rolling out of bed and going for a kayak or sail is my dream.

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