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We provide free chat chat room service for all chatters.Chat rooms are a cool place to chat with other friends. Connections: Very comprehensive site run by the Center for Positive Connections, geared towards heterosexual people living with HIV/AIDS. More information than dating focus, so mind the Guidelines.Before instant messenger and social networking sites, there were chat rooms.Then it was adopted by business as a quick way for employees to keep in touch with each other and ask simple questions – faster than walking to another department or picking up the phone. everyone's doing it, including people living with HIV/AIDS.There are many online COSA meetings, via e-mail, web-based message board, and chat rooms.

We reach out, and often enjoy it when people reach out to us.So it’s natural that the urge to communicate has followed us into the virtual world. After all, it depends on the other person logging on, receiving the mail and replying – all of which takes time.All of which makes it no surprise that chat rooms have been around since the earliest days of the commercial Internet.These are sites where you can meet and chat with people about certain topics and ideas.Today, chatting has become an acceptable form of communication and even dating.

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