Friends then dating quotes

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It’s casual and still stronger than most bonds in your life. They let you be and more often than not are the reason for some of the most embarrassing moments of your life.They make you test your own limits, especially drinking limits.One of the most difficult decisions in a man’s life is to choose between a best friend and a girlfriend.

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Part of this is because if you are a Christian and are in a committed relationship, the next step should be marriage. So instead, they stay in this middle of road, the safe place. Biblically, Christians have no reason to casually date.

While you’d think twice before going somewhere with your girlfriend, your best friends are never a misfit, no matter what the situation is! They know your flaws, insecurities and eccentricities and love you nevertheless! They are much more accepting than anyone else in your life, especially your girlfriend.

You never have to plan anything - be it anniversaries or birthdays or just dinner dates. You have all the personal space you want because they have a life of their own too. Your unavailability is not the end of the world to them.

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