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Sexting, the pop culture term used to describe sending or receiving nude or sexually-suggestive images or explicit text messages, may be most often associated with teens and young adults.But according to a new report from Mc Afee, such lewd behavior isn’t limited to the nation’s youth.Fleek feels more real." Of course, that's not necessarily a good thing for a college campus."The stakes are definitely raised on Fleek because everything you send is going to go on the app," Haskell also explained.And therefore, it got a 5 star rating in the rollover test as well.The other crash tests included a head-on collision, side collision and skidding into a tree or a pole of sorts.

"Multiple people texted me about it after it happened." Fleek isn't the only app on the market offering a potentially controversial look at college life.

The Tesla Model X could be bought with either a 75 k Wh battery or a 100 k Wh performance battery. One can also customise the features, self-drive capabilities and the wheel size of the Model X before purchasing as well.

The prices of the Tesla Model X start from ,000 and go up till 0,000 with all the bells and whistles.

It consists of anatomy allegedly belonging to Weiner, though Weiner’s face isn’t shown.

As Opie and Anthony passed Breitbart's phone around, Breitbart is heard saying: "Don't show it anywhere," instructions that were apparently ignored. Breitbart didn't return phone calls or emails from The Hollywood Reporter, but he told Fox News Channel that he was "mortified" by the photo's release and the behavior of Opie (Gregg Hughes) and Anthony (Anthony Cumia).

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