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I believe if you have the skills age is irrelevant. I started FCC the day after my 40th birthday last August because I also want to change careers.

I'm hoping to finish the course, have a nice portfolio and become a full time developer. As zk433 said we're not getting any younger and there's no time like the present.

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The champ wouldn’t box until Cunningham took off the Roman collar, then tagged the priest on the chin before taking a dive to the delight of the crowd at Detroit's Olympia Stadium. President Bill Clinton visited the Focus: HOPE complex in March 1994, during a visit to Detroit for a "Jobs Summit." President Bill Clinton with Eleanor Josaitis and Father Bill Cunningham, both of Focus Hope.

(I'm looking at all the 20 somethings and feel a bit out of place and not competitive enough). Programming is one of these things that no matter how old you are, if you get good at it, nothing can stop you.

A lot of it is done remotely, so people won't even know how old you are unless you tell them.

Although Humphries freely states that Edna is a character he plays, Edna refers to Humphries as her "entrepreneur" or manager.

Humphries and his staff of assistants and writers only refer to Edna as "she" and "her", never mixing the character with Humphries himself.

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