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The prevention of political and military confrontation in that field was particularly urgent, said the representative of the Russian Federation.At the same time, progress in science and technology was a critical factor for economic and social development, said the representative of India, noting that developing countries were particularly dependent on access to scientific advances and new technologies for development and global trade.

The influences apparent in Hanif's prose include the grotesque, scatological, surrealist political satire and theatre of the absurd of Wole Soyinka's , "The English only give Booker Prizes to Indians if their books contain local colour - someone slicing a mango or someone running through some luscious forest, or hovering on a carpet carried by invisible waves of magic realism." Hanif is mesmerised instead by the landscape of naff 1980s popular culture.

At the time, some suspicious, phosphorus-covered mango seeds discovered in the wreckage sparked countless conspiracy theories.

Did the CIA spike the fruit with VX gas to eliminate the increasingly unstable Zia once he had neutralised the Soviet threat in Afghanis tan? Mohammed Hanif's fabulist reimagining of Zia's assassination ends my long wait (since Rushdie's in 1983) for an unashamedly fun page-turner set in my beleaguered and notoriously un-fun homeland.

Osama Bin Laden pops up in a diverting cameo at the US embassy party to celebrate the defeat of the Soviets by US-sponsored mujahedin in Afghanistan.

This brassy, savvy, comic debut is the latest in the thrilling new wave of Pakistani English literature - including Mohsin Hamid's - that places Pakistan, rather than its relationship with the west, confidently at the centre of the action.

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