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However, there is no official clinical diagnosis of sex addiction, making consistent identification and treatment of this issue a little murky.

Part of the challenge in defining sexual addiction is that the religious and cultural norms of our society are disregarded by many as overly restrictive.

Boko Haram is a self-proclaimed Islamic jihadist movement based in northern Nigeria. Human rights groups estimate that Boko Haram has killed some 20,000 people, and has displaced a further 2.3 million vulnerable people from their homes."I said no, telling him that it was partly drugs that had got me into my current situation." He said: "I can help you make some money.Let's go round the clubs and offer a deal: you give them a blowjob and I sell them some coke." The pair tried this - with limited success. Fortunately he was super-easy; he just wanted to look at me and touch me a little bit.So I just went into Soho, where I bumped into one of my dealers." This chance meeting turned out to be life-changing."He asked if I wanted to buy any drugs," says Polly.

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