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CONFLICT OVER THE FLAG: Montenegro issued a protest letter to Pristina Starting their trip towards Montenegro coast from Serbia, many don't know that there is beautiful nature in every corner that takes your breath away.

Montenegro can boast with five national parks, fascinating mountains that surround them and they offer many possibilities to use your vacation actively.

And most of the people that go to the vacation can not just stay still, but constantly seeks for adventure that would lift their adrenaline just a little bit.

NTOCG and the Montenegro embassy in Belgrade hosted the journalists from Serbia, among them was the Telegraf crew, and showed us the hidden corners we only heard about.

Iar aceste diferenţe trebuie ştiute de cei care sunt atraşi de sporturile cu ambarcaţiuni, şi nu numai de către ei.

În general, caiacele sunt considerate a fi nişte variante ale bărcilor de tip canoe.

Sebelumnya ada lagi foto Trudeau yang menjadi viral. Lucunya, nama sang bayi sama dengan nama sang perdana menteri itu.

22/08/2017 - Los componentes de la selección española Paracanoe ya se encuentran en Racice, donde se llevará a cabo el Campeonato del Mundo Sprint, en la que nuestros 5 representantes participarán en 9 pruebas.

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For one thing, because of their cannibalistic ways, the male octopus often has to probe the ocean floor with his elongated sexual organ to mate with females who are hiding out in holes. Competition for females is fierce, and sometimes smaller males have to pretend to be females so they can get a little action.Competiciones - COMIENZAN LOS MUNDIALES DE SPRINT EN RACICE (CZE) CON EL DEBUT DEL EQUIPO NACIONAL DE PARACANOE 22/08/2017 - Los componentes de la seleccin espaola Paracanoe ya se encuentran en Racice, donde se llevar a cabo el Campeonato del Mundo Sprint, en la que nuestros 5 repr...The smallest country on the Balkan peninsula has its own hidden beauties hidden in chimney corner of its well knows coastline.And lately there have been a few stories in the news that have brought this new notion to light: The Onerous Octopus Whenever you can be both the object of affection and the featured item on the menu for your mate, an amorous coupling can be difficult to say the least.This is what the hapless octopus faces every time he wants a little lovin’ from his honey.

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