Error validating check constraint

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One of the employees has entered the number -76 (negative 76) in the Age column.In the context of age, it is not possible to have age in a negative number.SQL server will not raise any error because negative values are acceptable in an integer data type.To prevent this, the Age column should accept only positive numbers.I'm just trying to solve this little problem for hours now and I don't get the solution, so perhaps someone can help?I want to validate the input element's contraints of all fields in a form when submitting the form.=18) adds a check constraint on the employee table with a condition where the age of an employee should be greater than or equal to 18. What if we have already inserted some values which do not conform to the new check constraint?EDITOR' S NOTE: Send your T-SQL questions to SQL Server MVP Itzik Ben-Gan at [email protected]

These defaults can be overridden by the constraints declared in a validateable class. Both of these accept a list of simple or regular expression strings that are matched against the property names in the source constraints.For example, by default the save method calls A common pattern in Grails is to use Command Objects for validating user-submitted data and then copy the properties of the command object to the relevant domain classes.This often means that your command objects and domain classes share properties and their constraints.In the app I am working with I do have a pop-up window that shows a html version of all the errors in the input (not only textboxes and intboxes but also in listboxes, radiogroups and so on), but it would also be nice to get the error message to show up on the respective component, at least for text- and intboxes. @Rico You can try to give the component a constraint, just like checkbox Constraint(No Empty Constraint), and customize the constraint by your own.During my schooling, one of my teachers said, “A friend of mine scored 105 on a science test out of 100.

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