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Anna’s acting and singing aren’t the only things that grab attention.

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Scott meets an American delivery girl, Ramona Flowers, having first seen her in a dream, and loses interest in Knives.The second youngest actress to ever get a Tony award nomination for the role of Dinah in a Broadway production of "High Society," Kendrick later went on to gain fame as the eager young college graduate looking to mainstream and update a termination company in the 2009 Iscar nominated film, UP IN THE AIR, for which she earned a Best Supporting Actress nomination.Anna worked mainly on stage when she was younger, not coming into the movie world until she was cast in the movie CAMP, which featured young actors who were looking for musical training at a camp for Broadway performers.“As a child, you don’t stand in front of a mirror and perform Lady Macbeth’s monologue, so I guess I did more of the hairbrush singing than running around performing plays,” Anna told the Irish Examiner.At 12, she landed the role of Dinah in the Broadway musical .

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