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i'd like to thank the entire team on @dreamdaddygame for this gift of a game.

Having stuck five goals past both Wolfsburg and Borussia Dortmund within the space of their last three Bundesliga fixtures, it’s fair to say that Bayern Munich are motoring at the moment.

“I met a guy who I actually went to school with, I went to high school with him,” Olivia said.

“We began dating and he basically groomed me for the sex trade.” ‘It’s almost like there’s a fence around your brain’ Both women were tricked into the sex trade by men who sold them a dream of money, love and security, who eventually became their pimps, they told CTV News Toronto.

Young girls are married early because their families can’t provide for them and in some cases, for their own protection.

Children in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley sell candy bars on the street at 9pm. “ We make less money this way but we can protect each other,” says eight-year-old Mahmoud (striped shirt) World Vision has worked with these children since the war began.

“I wanted to have this loving family of my own one day and he basically sold me on that,” she added.

“So I thought if I agreed to do this, we could have that life one day.” Every day, thousands of teenagers and young women are being sold for sex in hotels and motels across the Greater Toronto Area, in what Toronto police say is one of the fastest growing crimes in the province – human trafficking.

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We also spoke to children in relatively safe countries to better understand how exposure to violence can influence a child’s view of the world and their ability to remain hopeful.Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room) presents his take on the gap between rich and poor Americans in Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream.Gibney contends that America's richest citizens have "rigged the game in their favor," and created unprecedented inequality in the United States.In fact, by the sound of it, he might be enjoying it a little too much.Speaking to Bild, Basler said: This Bayern team are like dream sex with your dream woman – 34 times in a row!

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