Down with dating

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After the success of their original Down With Dating event, Feeling Gloomy now present their inaugural gay event.

Taking place The Vauxhall Griffin, it follows the same format of the original anti-dating event with speed hating, blind hate, games and disco.

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From January through to December, every month boasts an impressive line-up of entertainment.

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At age 26, he still lived with his dad, but couldn’t be bothered to sleep in the spare bedroom because all of his crap — a graveyard of sporting equipment he lost interest in and old surf tees — was piled so high, he couldn’t find the bed.

My next boyfriend and my next and my next after that were all very good men, with great senses of humor and warm spirits, but they were also some version of lazy, dependent and unambitious. I had to pester them to go back to college, or to pay their parking tickets, or to basically be the person I wished they were. The easy, therapist-approved explanation for my being attracted to men like this is that I like constants.

But the one thing I never wanted to change was their loyalty, or their need for me. My parents were divorced when I was 10, my mother died when I was 25, and there was a lot of dropping the ball and surprise developments in between.

But somewhere along our six years together, the Indian girl from Jersey, who had naively promised him Catholic children, steak dinners and consistently defended his refusal to hang with my family as a simple difference in opinion, had a change of heart. I remember him looking at me on an evening not far from our last and saying, "It's like all of a sudden you became Indian." In a way so quiet I didn't even realize it was happening, the brown from my skin must have seeped in and colored my heart. I'm no Razib, but this matches what I feel like I'm witnessing around me (and yes, this is the same stat Abhi mentioned in this post on SM).

At one point, if I saw a second- or third-generation Asian-American with an Asian spouse, I was surprised, because so many of my friends had married "out". Maybe it's easier for us to find each other, thanks to the internets. " Despite my better efforts to buck the traditional Indian girl inside me - glossy black locks turned to bleached blond in a weak moment of teen angst; pre-med was never an undergraduate option and much to my parents chagrin; I have always favored copious amounts of worthless costume jewels over precious museum-grade family heirlooms - I discovered that I'm not really that much of a rebel after all. Well, except for the remaining defiantly single at 34 bit.

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