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Just getting online or into SMS or i Message and trying to figure out what all the abbreviations, acronyms, and random-seeming jumbles of letters and numbers actually mean?Internet slag is changing and evolving faster than any known language so far.From gaming chats to blog comments to sexting (sex texting) to who knows what's next, there are more and more terms cropping up everyday and it's getting harder and harder to keep up with them.To help you get started we've compiled a list of common, basic internet and SMS Text and i Message slang... For i OS and Apple-related terms see our complete i Phone and i Pad glossary, for Twitter and Facebook terms, see our Social Network glossary.One of the most annoying things about being single is that your married friends often accuse you of being picky, as if there was a whole world of soul mates out there, not just one. SUNDAY It’s day one, I’m an hour in and I’ve already swiped right on 80 men, most of whom would have been definite left swipes. Tinder is my favourite way of meeting men, precisely because you don’t have to talk to the ones you’re not attracted to.So, to prove I’m really not picky I decided to swipe right to EVERY man on Tinder for a week. It’s like having a bodyguard who puts a hand on unwanted suitors’ shoulders and says ‘the lady said no’. As I drive to work I hear several little pings meaning new messages and feel a mixture of pleasure and guilt. Still, I have 43 matches and seven messages before 9am.Verdict: The more you think about it, the less sense Down makes.

(Verse 1 - Dirty Dike) You're talking out your arse, I'm talking out my mouth You're squarking out your bars while I'm walking out the house And I don't make the rules, I just play the game And I won't bring my balls for no shameless bit of fame You're sniffing up your ket, I'm sniffing up my coke But I ain't gonna magnify the difference in a bloke You're living off the dole, I'm living off my soul And I don't wanna bitch about the system when I'm old I'm gonna buy some land, you're gonna buy some drugs You're gonna find a slag while I'm gonna find some love You're smoking on a dick, I'm smoking on a spliff You're showing off your kids and I'm a chauvinistic pig You're ringing up your mum, I'm drinking with your dad He's pissing in the street while he's fingering a slag You're living in a dream, I dribble in my sleep You're looking in the mirror while I'm spitting to this beat You're going to the fair, I'm going to the shops You ain't gonna hear my fucking album 'til it drops You're pissing in a bog, I'm pissing in a bush You listen to the trickle, it's a mission to the woods You're combing your hair, but nobody cares I'm a scruffy fucker but my omen is rare You're over-prepared, I'm casually lax I'm sat in the back of a taxi relaxed And I don't wanna prang, I just wanna chill When you just wanna hang around with slappers eating pills I just wanna fuck, you just wanna wank Ladies and gents give a very big thanks and a round of applause Man, you're a nause I don't wanna hang around with mans any more You're trying to be my friend, I'm trying to be a dick You're trying to make it stick while I'm trying to get rid (Verse 2 - Jam Baxter) I'm straddling a pig, you're a maggot in a wig You've gone and bought your whole smackwagon to the gig, why's it matter who I'm with?

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Over the years, hundreds of synthetic turf putting greens succumb to a “wrinkling affect” due to improper installation.

By educating your team about different infill types, sizes and placement, you will cover a crucial step towards a better putting surface.

Whether you love or loathe Tinder, there is no denying it has changed online dating forever.

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