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For the ultimate luxury getaway, escape on a singles spa holiday and work your way through an indulgent menu of spa treatments and therapies.Complement with daily group or one-on-one fitness classes. I’m much like everyone here, a writer and lover of stories! I’ve found that writing stories with already formed plots, characters and arcs has helped me improve a lot! I highly suggest the podcast if you are looking to improve your story telling, so pm me if you are curious what it is. Also, I have several of my own in my head but I’ve gotten stuck writing them. I listen to a weekly podcast which includes my favorite author, as well as several other published authors, a web cartoonist, and lots of guest artists.The key is to stay thankful, and faithful as we wait for him to work things out in our favor. Gender: Female Occupation: Being an adult and making money for life and career! Favorite books/anime/manga: The Stormlight Archive, Mistborn, Harry potter, Deltora Quest… Question 2: Yes, the name Blushweaver come from the book Warbreaker which was written by my most favorite author ever Brandon Sanderson! Also, I’ve done lots of research online and in libraries on how to write. XDQuestion 4: Yes, every picture I use is done by me.The teaser itself has drawn some great responses and I'm still yet to familiarize myself with th… It was couple of days ago in a poor neighbourhood in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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From exotic India to sunny Ibiza, meet fellow yogis as you practice different disciplines from Hatha to Bikram.

Meet new friends as you bond over an exhilarating group class on a singles fitness holiday.

Focus on your fitness goals with a personal training session or join in with social group events like hiking or Zumba.

The artwork comes following the above teaser recent earlier this month nodding at the story of Kankei Ken, a University student whose near-fatal close call with a human-eating ghoul transforms him into a half-human ghoul himself, drawing him into a world that exists beneath the normal veneer.

Actress Shimizu Fumika in her final role before retiring plays Kirishima Touka, the young woman who reluctantly aids Kankei and helps him adapt to his new life and his newfound abilities.

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