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This weekend, he rounded up some of those experts for Date Camp For Aspergers, a workshop for people with Asperger's syndrome to learn about things such as body language, dating etiquette, conversation skills and more. But with people with Asperger's, they may not have had the opportunity to really look at intimacy and sex and relationships," De Wit said.

Stephen De Wit, who has personally helped Mead overcome some of his own romantic obstacles, was on hand for the event. The workshop is like any dating seminar, with tips on how to read signals, be confident and talk to people — but held within a safe space. But there's social boundaries that we're not always comfortable crossing." Date Camp participant Daniel Share-Strom told CBC News he's looking to learn how to gain the confidence he needs to approach women and better read romantic cues.

Usually there’s music – a bit of country and western always goes down a treat. v=10152535567045270 Sometimes Club Kalyeeda gets a bit wilder.

Dating can be complicated, uncomfortable and downright overwhelming — something Evan Mead know all too well.

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There’s nothing like a campfire to beat the desert chill.

Also on hand to help him narrow down the competition throughout the season will be Ochocinco’s close friend and star wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, Bernard Berrian.

From there, the ladies will be matched up based on their rankings and will competitively date Ochocinco based on those bracket-style “matchups.” At the end of each episode, the winners from each “matchup” will move on to the next round of the tournament.

July 11th will be the premiere of Chad’s VH1 show “The Ultimate Catch” (the way he twitpics the shoes & handbags he likes to shower his lady friends with, I can’t say I disagree) But that is a separate conversation for a later date.

::smile:: The shows finale was shot this week and of course there are rumors as to the final outcome (I won’t drop them here there has been no confirmation.) What I do have for you is a quick peek at episode 1. Cincinnati Bengals star wide receiver Chad Ochocinco (formerly Chad Johnson) is using his off-season to pursue happiness off the field in his new VH1 original series “Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch.” The series is a mix of Ochocinco’s on-field charisma blended with the drama of the dating pool played out in a bracket-style dating tournament.

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