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Y’see, the idea of “fake geek girls” as exemplified by the profoundly stupid “fake geek girl” meme out is that there are women out there pandering to nerds for “attention”…

The usual suspects – the Frag Dolls, adult actress April O’Neil, Adrienne Munn – get trotted out repeatedly to prove that fake geek girls exist because…

Which, among other things, happens to mean they give the best, most well-researched presents.

So that obscure album you loved as a child, or the book that’s been out of print for years, they’ll track it down come Christmas.

evidently they failed some geek shibboleth somewhere along the way or something. Getting fussed over hot women who may or may not be “true geeks” – for whatever arbitrary definition of “geek” you might want to use – not only misses the point, but ends up distracting people from the people who thing.

Despite the fact that nerds have won the culture wars, many of my nerd brothers and sisters still buy into stereotypes that being a geeks and nerd magically makes sex disappear. Now to be fair: there’s nothing wrong with seeking out a partner who shares your nerdy interests.

So who better to invite along for the ride than the most logical partner you can find? So not only are they likely to have a great job now, they can get another one pretty much anywhere in the country – or world for that matter.

(which, let’s face it, is probably a better place to start when finding your One True Love) You’ll be in luck there too.

Stop creeping Craigslist and use these suggestions to find the nerd love of your life.

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