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I’m frequently asked if I have a husband, a question that I would never get during a two-minute conversation as a 20-year-old in the United States.For the sake of ending the conversation, I respond, “.” (“Yes, I have a husband”) in the local Wolof language.I have classy and sophisticated tastes and i am a soft spoken and well mannered girl as well.In addition to this i am a very strong and independent person.The Yes Girls are teaming up with proposers (aka men popping the question) to personalize proposals, so not only will your girlfriend be surprised but forever in love with your engagement story!” or white Westerner to the Senegalese), I’ve had to learn to ignore obsessive attention from Senegalese men.

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His face is unrecognizable as it is completely darkened. She is still nervously fidgeting as she continues to tell her story in French.Now that I’ve been here three months, I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to men frequently asking me if I’m married.First it’s important to realize that being married at 20 here, especially in the rural areas, is completely normal.I also enjoy cooking, thus i can cook a decent meal The Past: Got married in November 2006 but the marriage was short- lived and a traumatic experience..

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