Dating kodak photo paper

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Hello, I signed up to this forum to see if anyone can help me date some photos based on the Kodak watermark stamped on the back, which states THIS PAPER MANUFACTURED BY KODAK I also noticed that underlining of the 'R' and 'E' in MANUFACTURED would alternate from watermark to watermark like this, MANUFACTU There is no future in dating Kodak paper.

A daguerreotype is a copper plate covered with a thin layer of polished silver that looks like a mirror when held at a certain angle.

From Mathew Brady's Civil War photos to Ansel Adams' landscapes to Irving Penn's magazine shots, antique and vintage photographs are highly collectible. Although the Argus company did not ascend to the heights of Eastman Kodak, millions of Argus cameras have been sold since the first Argus camera, the model A, was introduced in May, 1936.The manufacturer of Argus cameras started business as a maker of radios.Becoming a member you agree to meet with this christian dating service with adult.Woman couldn’t understand what it’s like to spend time with you i guess i would.

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