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But the execution was stayed, pending a review into his case.

In 2014, Reed's lawyers had launched a bid to reopen an investigation into DNA collected at the crime scene that the lawyers said would exonerate him.

Texas death-row inmate Rodney Reed - a black American man convicted in a racially charged trial - has lived under the threat of execution for two decades.

At one point, in March 2015, Reed was set to be executed the day after Al Jazeera spoke to him from behind the plexiglass at a prison in Livingston, Texas.

Stephen Hugueley is on death row at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution for the murder of three people, including his mother.

Stacey was a member of her high school’s Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps and planned to attend a military ball with Wilkerson.

The forensic scientist who believed the DNA was the lynchpin in Reed's conviction has since reversed his opinion, documents seen by Al Jazeera show; he now believes, based on his own review with more up-to-date technology, that DNA found on the victim was from a consensual encounter well before her death.

"Mr Reed's attorneys [in his initial trial in 1997] were rushed to trial before even a minimal investigation could be completed.

When Powell learned that Robert Culver, a friend of the girls’ mother, would be home shortly for lunch, Powell left and returned at about p.m., after Culver had left.

When Powell returned, he was armed with a “survival” knife, a “butterfly” knife, a box cutter, and a 9-millimeter pistol. After Stacey ended the telephone conversation, Powell confronted her about her relationship with Wilkerson.

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