Dating and healthy relationships

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Take a look at this evidence to evaluate your own relationship—or to gain some tips on how to foster happiness, attachment, love, and satisfaction in your partnership: 1.

People in thriving relationships take on their partner's habits, interests, and mannerisms.

Healthy relationships are built on a foundation of respect.

Respect is a choice, and when you give it, you are more likely to get it in return.

One of the things I observed was that most people are afraid of being hurt...again.

They conceptually know that they have to be open and vulnerable to be able to move into a new relationship, but most were not at a place where they felt comfortable to do so.

How do we know if a romantic relationship is thriving and has lasting potential?

All relationships are different, but scientific research has shown that certain patterns tend to emerge in healthy, stable, successful partnerships.

A healthy relationship is free from physical, emotional, and sexual violence.It is important for teens to learn how to treat others the way they want to be treated.Teens also need to recognize that when respect is absent, their relationships may turn from healthy to unhealthy.His research papers have won enough academic awards to fill the state of Delaware.And he’s written nine books on the subjects of intimate relationships, marital therapy and the science of trust.

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