Core data updating object marriage after dating 2 months

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Previously, we gave you a brief introduction of Core Data and created a simple app to store all your device information.

However, we only showed you how to insert records into data store through Core Data API and left out the update & delete operations.

First we will see how to create our data model and then how to perform the following basic operations: A data model consist of a group of entities.

The concept of entity in Core Data is similar to the concept of table in SQL.

Add the following code to the Device View Controller.m: - (BOOL)table View:(UITable View *)table View can Edit Row At Index Path:(NSIndex Path *)index Path - (void)table View:(UITable View *)table View commit Editing Style:(UITable View Cell Editing Style)editing Style for Row At Index Path:(NSIndex Path *)index Path We’ll not go into the details about how to remove a row from table view as we’ve already covered in our earlier tutorial.

Let’s focus on the code of commit Editing Style method for deleting the managed object from database.

Traditional RDBMS implementations can effortlessly update a single column with a new value for thousands upon thousands of rows.

So how can you update or delete an existing managed object from database? To allow user to delete a record from the table view, as you know, we can simply implement the “can Edit Row At Index Path” and “commit Editing Style” methods.After the subclass has been defined in your data model and added to your project, you can reference it directly in your application and improve the readability of your application code.variable and always returns either a success or a fail.Core Data is a persistence framework provided by Apple.In this example we will see how to use it in our i OS application.

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