Chris crocker dating what is fuckbook dating

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Crocker claimed to love Carter in more videos posted this morning, clocking the comment trolls who’ve been calling Carter a “meth head” on Twitter.

In one clip captioned “I’m a protective lover and friend,” Crocker said, “I don’t let too many people into my heart.

Previously Chris being a gay was just a plain rumor, but now we have accumulated evidence about his various actions that speculates his sexuality.

When Chris Crocker posted some photos and videos with Aaron Carter, it suggested that they might be dating each other and people took Aaron Carter as his boyfriend.

As action speaks more than words, their act of kissing provides evidence that Chris most probably shares a gay sexuality.

Chris took to Facebook to call out people who were "celebrating his downfall," rather than focusing on his new music, which Chris said he had worked hard to create.

On another, he wrote, “’why you so ashamed of me..’ ❤️” A third is captioned, “@aaroncarter & me got couples therapy to sort through.” Crocker posted a video where the two almost kissed, but it was later deleted (along with the photos).

Lucky for all of us, the Internet is forever and somebody posted the clip on You Tube.

He said when he was around 13-years-old, he started to find both boys and girls attractive.

After a decently long hiatus from music, we've learned more about Aaron in the past few weeks than we have his entire life. 5, Aaron came out as bisexual via Twitter and Instagram.

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