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Chinese students were found to be less likely to define abusive acts as IPV than their U. Chinese and American college students’ attitudes differed not only in what was defined as IPV, but also in what were the factors that shaped such attitudes.Directions for future research and policy were discussed.

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Upon meeting each other for the first, second or umpteenth time, men and women usually bow, although the more cosmopolitan may shake hands.If invited to a meal, it is likely that it will be at a restaurant rather than at someone’s home.It is polite to arrive on time, to take a small token of your appreciation (a potted plant, flowers, sweets), especially if you are going to a private home, and to say thank you afterwards by telephone, postcard, or letter.As has been found in previous research, men and women in our sample were more accepting of female perpetrated physical and psychological dating violence than male perpetrated physical and psychological dating violence.Finally, among several variables that predicted dating violence attitudes, shame emerged as a potentially important variable to include in future studies on dating violence in Chinese populations.

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