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"The survey also found that 29 percent of young women have used the internet to establish romantic or sexual relationships, with a further 13 percent willing to give it a try.Just over 60 percent responded in the affirmative when asked if they had ever sent text or multimedia messages of a sexual nature. I was running into some problems: the talent pool was low, there was too much of a social circle vibe, and the ubiquity of Converse shoes hurt my boner.My first approach was on a girl who looked Spanish. I had to wait a long time before doing another approach. “Hey I have to go find my other friend,” she said, “but take my number! We talked for ten minutes but she didn’t ask me a single question, not even where I was from, then eventually left. There was no approachable girl so I decided maybe I could win some money in blackjack. Even though I had done only four approaches, I had been at the bar for three hours. She told me she wanted to dance, but I didn’t feel like dancing. We got into a chat that, had it been a year earlier, I would have easily blown. That won’t happen anymore.” I wanted to crush her, but we were at the touching stage and getting ready to kiss. I understood where the line was in offending Scandinavian girls, and I’m happy to say that in Sweden I didn’t get into any serious battles. Out of the blue she said, “But we can’t have sex, I’m on my period.” Without hesitating, I replied, “I don’t care, I’ll drink the blood.” I’ve somehow become a magnet for menstruating women. The previous two girls I banged were on their period so the routine was fresh on my mind: “When you get to my age, a little blood doesn’t get in the way of intimacy with someone.Muskos also believes the lack of sex Swedish employees are having is causing a ripple effect on the country's reduced population rate."This means that childbirth should be encouraged," he wrote in his proposal. I looked around at the chubby, tatted up chicks wearing homeless lady clothes. Many of them had a hoop piercing in the middle of their nose that I’d seen in pictures of bulls. On Saturday night, in a moment of fatigue and apathy, I was ready to give up the flag hunt. I changed my clothes and went to a bar near my apartment called Sticky Fingers, a hipster spot with mediocre girls but great logistics.

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For the first 24 hours in Gothenburg I tried to get some momentum going, but Sweden had less beautiful girls than Finland. Even though I had nearly three weeks left in the city, I didn’t want to work for this. She was cocky and tried to clown me, but I gave her lip right back and she seemed to like it. We smoked and it became clear to me that this girl was more British than anything. You don’t have that much time either.” She was trying to rationalize her failure at becoming a mother by making it seem like single guys her age were making the same mistake.

My mind didn’t want to put in the same amount of work for less. I just wanted to go back to any of the countries I’ve been before (except Latvia and Denmark). “We’re looking to buy a house now.” Failure is imminent. She had the bull nose piercing but everything else was fine. Then her fat friend came by with a guy, the redhead who was the ex of the blonde girl I talked to earlier. I had to ask her if she was actually born in Sweden because I didn’t want a British flag. Her face was okay and at that hour I’d say she was probably top three in the club, which at Sticky Fingers doesn’t say much. I said, “My dad had my half-brother at 52 years old.” “Yes, but these days it’s hard.

Every fifth Swedish woman between the ages of 18 and 35 has engaged in online sex, according to a TNS Gallup poll.

Of those surveyed, 21 percent responded "yes" when asked: "Have you ever had cybersex?

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