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These closures are to allow staff to attend a one-day seminar.

Read More OUTSPOKEN PRIVATE SECTOR leader Charles Herbert is disappointed Government has not budged despite last month’s protest march by thousands of Barbadians.

He and his aides had worried that one might not stay on, and sure enough, when he pinned a British Empire Medal to the chest of retired farmer Reginald Sparks, it dropped to the ground as Harry stepped back.The rain soon became a torrential downpour and when the Prince held a formal meeting with Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave, he joked Harry had 'brought bad English weather with him to Barbados', adding: 'We have our own bad habits.'The visit to Barbados could be potentially delicate.In March last year, the prime minister of Barbados Freundel Stuart set out his intention to make the Caribbean island a republic and to replace the Queen as head of state with a ceremonial president.Herbert, who is chairman of the Barbados Private Sector Association, said he was feeling “quite browbeaten” that despite already having numerous proposals, the Freundel Stuart administration...Read More TORONTO – Black Berry Ltd shares have been plunging from their more than two-year high hit in June after lacklustre earnings and competitive threats have raised doubts about prospects for a turnaround at the business software maker.

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