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Jessica's win back in week 4 was the last endurance Ho H, but Alex winning on the Wall in week 3 is the last time we actually got to see an Ho H competition play out on the live feeds.

Colton Haynes' return as Jackson Whittemore to Teen Wolf has been widely anticipated, and the anticipation built when speculation began to swirl that in his time off the show, Jackson had gone through a bit of a personal transformation.

Now it's time for the eight remaining HGs to start turning on each other, and none of them seem to be aware of that fact.

Look for her in a much bigger role on to make this list (Merle was always recurring at best and the rest of these were guest stars), is also the only one whose other comics role is as the lead of the other project!

Michael Rooker Merle Dixon, Daryl's brother and terrible father figure dating back to even before the world fell apart, is the bizarre father figure in the life of Peter "Star-Lord" Quill in 's Impulse had a small but memorable role in the Season Four premiere as Beth's boyfriend Zach, who died during the roof collapse and subsequent walker attack on the Big Spot discount store.

Her film credits include Drop Dead Sexy, Moonlight Mile, and Least Among Saints.

She also guest starred on NCIS: Los Angeles, Private Practice, and House.

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